From Joblessness to Speaking at a Fortune 500 Company

Disillusioned! — Ever been told that completing an MBA will completely revolutionize your life?

No? Well, I was and I bought it — hook, line and sinker. Don’t judge me!

I was desperate to believe that there was a way out of working jobs I wasn’t fond of, and anything that aligned with that became my hope.

Upon completing my MBA, I was over the moon — my life was about to mirror the life I had always dreamt of.

8 months later, coupled with substantial debt and recurring bills, no one needed to tell me that the answer to my miserable career wasn’t an MBA. After months of searching and starving (literally), I returned to my pre-MBA job as a Financial Advisor. At this point, I was convinced that I was bound to be a Financial Advisor for the rest of my life.

To cope with my disappointing career, I spent my free time doing what I loved; media and marketing. I’d work 37.5 hours a week at the bank and an additional 35+ hours creating content, editing, fundraising and developing marketing campaigns because that’s where my heart was.

A year later, my contract as a Financial Advisor ended and I was back on the job scene, yet again — resuming what was proving to be my most reliable job — “job hunting”.

This cycle was becoming ridiculous, but I remained devoted to my true passions; media and marketing.

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