The greatest of you shall be a servant
— Matthew 23:11

For many years I was lost in the world of self - to acquire and to protect myself, but to what end?

If the purpose of every man is to serve others, giving all of oneself in service of the greater good, then what is life if service is absent?

When I grasped this realization and I mean, when I really understood the essence of existence tied to the necessity of service, my focus shifted from self-service to people-service. In the pursuit of every opportunity to give back, I joined a campus team of 6 people towards raising ~$15,000 in scholarship funding for Africans in the diaspora. From then on, I took on the responsibility of founding a group of 22 student members towards raising funds for children living with leprosy in SE Asia, India and Africa, starting the Love Revolution for the homeless in Windsor, fundraising for students struggling to meet up tuition fees, supporting inspiring small business owners in Nigeria, initiating the Christmas Dance-A-Thon for the homeless and many more. These experiences have fuelled my fundraising and volunteer missions from 2008 till date.

By developing a mind of service, I have been successful at building my mind of service in business. While I have worked professionally in Fortune 500 companies since 2010, my greatest pleasure has been in my experience with with aspiring and new entrepreneurs.


In 2011, I observed the need to amplify the voices of African talents in North America so I created and ran a media outfit, Dudunorth for five years. During these few years, I had the pleasure of spotlighting entrepreneurs such as Andrea Iyamah, Willyverse, Ofuure, Miss Lion Hunter and so many more.

My experience with these entrepreneurs allowed me to identify my strength and interest in brand strategy. To validate this ‘new-found-idea’, I took on a branding project for Bamboo Stitches, where I managed every aspect of the branding and marketing and absolutely loved it. While it was initially exhausting, it was everything I loved about creativity.

In 2018, I decided that it was time to focus on my strengths, bet on myself and build A Brand New Thing. Now, I am focused on helping ‘everyday people’ build unique business and personal brands for growth in their respective spheres of influence.

Fun Fact: I’m also a licensed auto dealer.

When I am not doing any of the above, I’m spending time with my loved ones.

Interested in working with me? Let’s connect!

Dami Eluyera